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Gulf Medical Journal - 2014

Gulf Medical Journal (GMJ) is the online journal of Gulf Medical University, Ajman. It constitutes a forum for the communication of advancement of scientific knowledge in all branches of Medicine and allied Health Sciences. The journal strives to ensure that the material published is true, ethical and comprehensive and adds to current knowledge. The publisher of GMJ is the Center for Advanced Biomedical Research and Innovation (CABRI) of Gulf Medical University. The journal welcomes written contributions on research in clinical as well as in non-clinical aspects of health sciences. It will additionally contain review articles, case reports, short communications, letters to editor and health-related news.
October     2014       Volume 3        Issue 3             Pages 1- 29

Table of contents

Guidelines for authors

Gita Ashok Raj

Page 1-1

Self-Directed Learning in Human Anatomy
Mandar Vilas Ambike

Page 2-5
Original Research

Forecasting of HIV/AIDS in India: A Statistical Modelling
Sathian B, Sreedharan J, Mittal A, Menezes RG, Banerjee I, Roy B, Abhilash ES

Page 6-10

Assessment Of Toxic Heavy Metal Content In Herbal Cough Syrups Dispensed In UAE Community Pharmacies
Nehad M. Hamoudi, Annie Shirwaikar, Iyman M. Dahouk

Page 11-15

Enhancing Laboratory Turnaround Time [TAT] Performance By Combining The Implementation Of A Laboratory Instrument Interfacing Solution With Six Sigma Methodology
Menon PK, Gupta R, Kurian B

Page 16-19

Factors Associated with Head Trauma in Ahmadi Health Region, Kuwait
Aftab Ahmed, Mohammed Ovais Aslam, Mohammed Saeed Khan, Adel Abdul Razzaque

Page 20-23
Case report

Dysphagia in a Young Adult Female: A Case Report
Heba A.M. Maksoud

Page 24-26
Clinical Quiz

Endodontic Enigma – A case report of an idiopathic dental pain
Danavanthi S Bangera, Aparna Pandey

Page 27-27
Point for Debate

Reduction of salt intake: How much is too much?
Elsheba Mathew, Yasmeen Ibrahim

Page 28-28
Clinical Quiz- Answers

Endodontic Enigma – A case report of an idiopathic dental pain
Danavanthi S Bangera, Aparna Pandey

Page 29-29
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