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Gulf Medical Journal

Gulf Medical Journal (GMJ) is the online journal of Gulf Medical University, Ajman. It constitutes a forum for the communication of advancement of scientific knowledge in all branches of Medicine and allied Health Sciences. The journal strives to ensure that the material published is true, ethical and comprehensive and adds to current knowledge. The publisher of GMJ is the Center for Advanced Biomedical Research and Innovation (CABRI) of Gulf Medical University. The journal welcomes written contributions on research in clinical as well as in non-clinical aspects of health sciences. It will additionally contain review articles, case reports, short communications, letters to editor and health-related news.
November     2015       Volume 4        Issue 1             Pages 1- 57

Table of contents

Gita Ashok Raj

Page 1-1
Original Article

Spectrum of cutaneous adverse drug reactions in a tertiary health care centre in Ajman, UAE
Hemant Kumar Garg, Lisha Jenny John, Irene Nirmala Thomas, Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil, Wesam Kadhum, Jayadevan Sreedharan

Pages 2-7

The Diabetes Kuwait Resource Centre: Development, Implementation, and Offered Services
Nadine Halawa, Heba Abduo, Ala'a Abughefreh, Basil Dawwas

Pages 8-13

Extended spectrum beta (β) - lactamases in clinical isolates of gram-negative bacilli in Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Ekta Chourasia, Krishna Pratap Singh, Sudheer Keshav Kher

Pages 14-21

A cross-sectional survey of Indian expatriates living in United Arab Emirates: understanding of Diabetes Mellitus and associated health practices
Nelofer Khan, Syed Shehnaz Ilyas, Kadayem Guruswamy Gomathi, Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil

Pages 22-31

Attitudes towards Mental Illnesses: Effects of Labels and Associations with Materialism
Humna Azhar, Kausar Mohamed, Annja Perera, Aysha Siddiqua, Najla Ferreira, Lynda Hyland, Jakob Pietschnig

Pages 32-38
Case Report

Endoscopic realignment of completely transected ureter leading to ureterocutaneous fistula-A case report
Ihsan Ullah Khan, Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Tariq Fawzy

Pages 39-42

Benign Teratoma of the fallopian tube
Prashanth Hegde, Padma V Shetty

Pages 43-45

Lead Poisoning due to herbal remedies for infertility: A case Report
Mohammed Khalid, Tariq Karim

Pages 46-48

Calvarial meningioma: case report of an osteolytic lesion mimicking metastasis
Farhan Asif Siddiqui, Rajan Chopra, Yusef Al-Marzooq, Ibrahim Al-Ahmed

Pages 49-52
Point to debate

Intra-articular Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis: When and What?
Seyed Mohsen Mahmoodi

Pages 53-54
Clinical Quiz

Food Allergy Cases
Salwa Abd El Zaher Mabrouk

Page 55-55
Letter to Editor

HPV Vaccination
Chelsea Hoenes, Muhammad Reza Chaudhry

Page 56-56
Clinical Quiz Answer

Food Allergy Cases
Salwa Abd El Zaher Mabrouk

Page 57-57
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