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Gulf Medical Journal- 5th Annual Scientific Meeting Oral Proceedings

November    2013       Volume 2        Supplement 1             Pages S1- S185

Table of contents

President's Message
Mr. Thumbay Moideen

Page 1-1

Provost Message
Prof. Gita Ashok Raj

Page 2-2

Chairperson Message
Prof. P. K. Menon

Page 3-3

Vitamin D status in type 2 diabetic patients and its association with glycemic control, lipids & microalbuminuria: A pilot study
Shaafie IA, Hesham RA, Basha AA

Page 6-13

Neonatal sepsis: Incidence, risk factors, common pathogens and antimicrobial pattern in a multiethnic population in Ajman, UAE
Devapriya F, Ramesh Ranganathan, Ignatius Edwin DSouza, Jayadevan Sreedharan

Page 14-25

The possible role of chronic intestinal candidiasis in the genesis of intractable allergic diseases
Salwa Abd El Zaher, Mohamed Abd El Rahman EL Shayeb, Azza Mohamed Emam, Hisham Mohamed Sanad, Naglaa Abd El Zaher

Page 26-32

Evaluation of ureteroscopic pneumatic lithotripsy for ureteral stones
Ihsan Ullah Khan

Page 33-38

Enhancing laboratory turnaround time performance by combining the implementation of a laboratory instrumentation interfacing solution with six sigma methodology
Menon PK, Gupta R, Kurian B

Page 39-42

An adult patient with sickle cell crisis and associated asymptomatic P. falciparum gametocytaemia – A case report
Kartik Dave, Glen Fernandez

Page 43-45

Anti- VEGF injection for treatment of chronic central serous choridopathy: A case report
Salwa Attia

Page 46-53

Anaesthetic management of LSCS for a known multiple sclerosis parturient: A case report
Arun Kumar M, Raji Sharma

Page 54-57

Parturient with kyphoscoliosis (operated) for cesarean section: A case report
David V1, Raji S

Page 58-61

Ultrasonographic evaluation of scrotum using grey scale and doppler
Prasad Kundum R, Tariq Fawzy

Page 62-65

Chronic cough and dyspnea due to right sided aortic arch in adult male
Ahmed Elmansoury

Page 66-67

Concordance of diabetes among married couples attending health facilities in Ajman, UAE
Yasmeen Ibrahim, Shatha Al Sharbatti, Rizwana B Shaikh

Page 68-76

Vocal symptoms among teachers from selected schools across the UAE
Fiza Zameer, Fatema Al-Hail, Mohieddin Kebab, Oruge Sheikh, Jisha Wilson, Shatha Al Sharbatti, Rizwana B Shaikh, Faheem Khan

Page 77-83

Factors influencing the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for musculoskeletal disorders in the UAE
Sharfaa Ahmed, Salihu Lawal, Faryal Shaikh, Fredrick Ogugua, Khaleifah Al-Hafeiti, Saif Saeed Al-Hafri, Rizwana B Shaikh, Shatha Al Sharbatti, Faheem Khan

Page 84-91

Prevalence of contact lens use and its complications among students of Gulf Medical University, Ajman
Mohammed Omar, Faisal Ali Jassim, Fatima Sheikh, Aminath Yashfa Abbas, Aaliya Munshi, Rizwana B. Shaikh, Shatha Al Sharbati , Faheem Ahmed

Page 92-98

Efficacy of ozone therapy in management of patients with internal derangement of temporomandibular joint
Mohamed Said Hamed

Page 99-105

The influence of the apical limit of root canal preparation on apical foramen transportation (laboratory study)
Marwa El-Sayed Sharaan

Page 106-112

Management of maxillo-facial cases in dental office: A report of four cases
Sreenivas Prasad V

Page 113-119

Evaluate clinical effectiveness of autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) using curasan technique in treating intrabony defects using regenerative material – Bone graft / GTR membrane.
M Sesha Reddy

Page 120-125

Removable prosthesis using extra coronal precision attachment: A case report
Shakeel SK

Page 126-129

DNA diagnostics: Using the polymerase chain reaction for detecting HLA B27 in patients of acute anterior uveitis
Menon PK, Lamba P, Salwa M

Page 130-132

A case of optic nerve hydrops with tolosa hunt syndrome: A case report
Pankaj Lamba, Sheikh Altaf Basha

Page 133-134

Updated protocol for management of potassium as cornerstone of DKA management
Shimaa Hussein

Page 135-136

Anaesthesia for non-obstetric surgery in the pregnant patient: A case report
David V, Arun Kumar M

Page 137-141

Doppler ultrasound study of umbilical artery and middle cerebral arteries in pregnancies complicated by pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) and/ or intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)
Prasad Kundum R, Malini Vijayan, Germeen Joseph

Page 142-145

Preliminary investigation of arsenic in rice consumed in United Arab Emirates
Annie Shirwaikar, Shery Jacob, Yasmeen Gahzi Salman, Nehad Mahdi Hamoudi, Victor Rajmohan Chandrasekharan

Page 146-153

Development of the AMEET questionnaire, an instrument measuring faculty members’ perceptions of their educational environment
Syed Ilyas Shehnaz, Gamini Premadasa, Mohamed Arifulla, Jayadevan Sreedharan, Kadayam Guruswami Gomathi

Page 154-168

Strength training on gait parameters of spastic children
Rashij M, HR Rai, Siva Priya, Sinil Das, Nikhil NP, Linshina T

Page 169-174

Efficacy of antenatal synergistic facilitation of pelvic floor muscles versus kegel exercises on pelvic floor muscle strength- A postpartum review
Siva Priya R, Kanchana Malai K, Suresh Kumar S

Page 175-179

A clinical study on tongue lesions among Iraqi dental outpatients
Sura Ali Fuoad

Page 180-185
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