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Gulf Medical Journal- 7th Annual Scientific Meeting Poster Proceedings

November    2015       Volume 4        Supplement 2             Pages S1- S130

Table of contents

President's Message
Mr. Thumbay Moideen

Page 1-1

Provost Message
Prof. Gita Ashok Raj

Page 2-2

Chairperson Message
Prof. P.K. Menon

Page 3-3

Use of Nutritional Supplements and Factors Associated with it Among Gym Users in Ajman UAE
Mohamad El-Saleh, Ziad Al-Mousa, Oubada Al-Kowatli, Sayed Mohamad Khalaf, Yousef Al-Yousef, Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil

Page 6-13

Obesity Among University Students: A cross-Sectional Study in Ajman, UAE
Elham A. Ahmed, Ahmed A. Ahmed, Mohammad S. Huque, Anas Abdulhameed, Ikram Khan, Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil

Page 14-23

Determinants of Spontaneous Abortion: A Hospital Based Case-Control Study in Ajman, UAE
Lena M. Adel, Shahd Farajallah, Zain Al-Shanableh, Farah Issa, Dania Al-Ani, Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil, Mawahib Al Biate

Page 24-35

Tobacco Use Among Patients with Cardio-vascular Diseases: A Hospital Based Study, Ajman, UAE
Ummu-kulthum Abba Othman, Munira Abubakar Matawalle, Farida Adamu Fanda, Aya Ahmed, Abdullah Saihati, Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil, Ehab M. Esheiba, Mohamed A.Fathi

Page 36-46

Hypertension Among Pregnant Women Attending GMC Hospital, Ajman, UAE
Hafsat Jijiwa, Aisha Sabitu, Zainab Danbello, Fatima Jumba, Habiba Haruna, Shatha Al Sharbatti

Page 47-53

Knowledge and Attitude of Health Sciences and Non- Health Sciences Students towards Organ Donation in Ajman, UAE
Haya Alkuwari, Mehnaz Hossain, Hiba Akbari, Rabia Amod, Ahmed Abdullatif, Shatha Al-Sharbatti

Page 54-62

Pattern and determinants of tobacco use among adult Multi-ethnic population: A cross-sectional study in Ajman UAE
Jayadevan Sreedharan, Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil, Rizwana B Shaikh, Shatha Al Sharbatti, Sherman Scott

Page 63-71

ANTON BABINSKI SYNDOME - A Rare Complication of Cortical Blindness
Mohammed Khalid, Mohamed Hamdy, Himanshi singh, Kiran Kumar, Altaf Basha

Page 72-76

A Comparison of In-house Hemoglobin DNA Mutation Analysis for ? Thalassemia by ARMS PCR with a Commercial Line Probe Assay
Menon PK, Nimmakayalu M, Bylappa SK, Kumar M, Abdalhaleem HM

Page 77-82

DNA sequencing and Molecular modelling of HLA-B 27 gene sub types in patients with Acute Anterior Uveitis and Ankylosing spondylitis
Bharathi S, Nimmakayalu M, Kumar M, Menon PK

Page 83-87

Method developing: standardization of Hemoglobin variant detection by HPLC from dried blood spot on card
Yazbek G, Menon PK, Sunil KB, Raju V

Page 88-93

Line Probe Assay for detection of alpha thalassemia: A pilot study
Menon PK, Nimmakayalu M, Bylappa SK, Kumar M, Abdalhaleem HM

Page 94-98

Expression Patterns of the Stim1 Protein During Different Stages of Mouse Tooth Development
Walid El-Sayed, Sunitha Daniel, Juma Alkhabul

Page 99-105

Comparative In Vitro Dissolution Studies between Different Types of Acetaminophen Suppository Dosage Forms Using a Novel Modified Basket Method
Shery Jacob, Arun Shirwaikar, Theju John Thomas, Shijna Anoop, Jyothi Vanama

Page 106-116

In vitro Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Alcoholic Root Extract of Pseudarthria viscida
Rajendran K, Annie Shirwaikar, Arun Shirwaikar, Ramalingam P,Srinivasan KK

Page 117-121

Formulation and Evaluation of Stable Ascorbic Acid Multiple Emulsion
Shery Jacob, Annie Shirwaikar, Ibrahim Elsayed, Theju John Thomas, Shijna Anoop

Page 122-130
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