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Gulf Medical Journal - 8th Annual Scientific Meeting Poster Proceedings

December    2016       Volume 5        Supplement 2             Pages S1–S86

Table of contents

President's Message
Mr. Thumbay Moideen

Page 3

Provost's Message
Prof. Gita Ashok Raj

Page 4

Chairperson’s Message
Prof. P.K. Menon

Page 5

Road Safety Measures: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to Safe Driving Among University Students in Ajman, UAE
Hazarmerdi S, Shawky G, Sharif S, Tariq F, Shahbaz S, Shaikh RB

Page 6

Comparative In Vitro Dissolution Behavior and Kinetics between Different Marketed Enteric-Coated Tablet Dosage Forms of Diclofenac Sodium
Jacob S, Jaafar S, Jacob J, Firdaus A, Ahmad B, Samir S, Tageldin R, Kaita Z, Thomas T

Page 14

Knowledge of Cardiovascular Diseases and Practices Increasing Risk Factors among Students in Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
Odeh T, Khamas A, Janahi K, Silin N, Hatem S, Al Sharbatti S

Page 21

Esthetic and Function Rehabilitation of a Dental Patient: A Case Report
Kokash DH, Obaid M, Chattaroo MZ, Azzam ZM, Eid HA

Page 27

GMC Tumor Registry: Review & Findings – Five-Year Data (January 2011 to December 2015)
Bylappa SK, Golani K, Menon PK

Page 33

Madura Foot: A Case of Chronic Subcutaneous Infection Caused by Actinomycetes
Singla R, Thomas IN

Page 36

Unusual Presentation of Recurrent Appendicitis – A Rare Case Report and Literature Review
Tahir YM, Sudhakaran M, Philip PA, El-Amin R

Page 39

Molecular Evaluation of Common HPV Genotypes in LBC Samples
Kamel GG, Kumar M, Menon PK, Bylappa SK, Golani K

Page 43

Use of Alternative Tobacco Products among University Students: A Cross-Sectional Study in Ajman, UAE
Khalid M, Salim N, Merlyn A, Tejani K, Mahmud T, Muttappallymyalil J

Page 47

Impact of Electronic Gadgets on Psychological Behavior of Middle School Children in UAE
Master MK, Kaur CP, Narasimhan A, Nadeem M, Ali M, Shaik RB

Page 54

Self-reported Musculoskeletal Disorders and Their Associated Factors among University Students in Ajman, UAE
Alhariri S, Ahmed AS, Kalas A, Chaudhry H, Tukur KM, Sendhil V, Muttappallymyalil J

Page 61

Use of Vitamin-Mineral Supplements and Its Determinants among University Students in Ajman, UAE
Muassess TO, Khan MZA, Wadood RM, Shah YA, Fayyaz HS, Muttappallymyalil J

Page 71

Prevalence and Factors Associated with Self-reported Dandruff among Adults in Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
Karim RU, Azam J, Bhyat M, Samman A, Pillay K, Al Sharbatti S

Page 79
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